Jason Langlois

The Falling Girl
The Ghost of Gundams Past


Burn Out

Kashu Arashi

Devil Went Down.

Kat Reitz

Detective Theron Khushrenada

Kat Reitz & kumiko

Office Romance

Kat Reitz & tzigane

AZA: Death
Doesn't Knock


 kumiko & tzigane


 Rose Argent


Syx Maxwell

PotM: Chapter 2
War Angel


Monkey's Paw

Yoiko & tzigane

The Funeral
The House


The Call


Warnings: All sorts of pairings and more than a few squicks. If you're delicate of tummy, don't like yaoi or are prone to screaming bloody murder over horror movies, this might not be the place for you. Fics may be anything from funny to incredibly creepy. People are still a little scared from last year ^_^; Please keep that in mind ~_^

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