War Angel

By Syx Maxwell


I stare at my reflection with tired eyes. It's been so long, and yet I haven't earned my rest. Not for the life I lead then, and not for the lives I've taken since.

Funny, I was once the most feared Pirate in the China Seas, unbeatable, no quarter asked and none given. It was odd that I ever stopped, and the only reason for that was the letter. It was a plea from the Ruler of all the Middle Kingdom for me to cease my ways, and not for my own sake, but for my future children...

I retired then, but my life was devoid of female offspring. Perhaps it was punishment for my actions, I don't know. But as others grew old and passed on to Nirvana, I remained. Then I learned my fate as the angel spoke to me.

"You will pass through the ages of man and learn humility and compassion. You will move on once you have learned this and found something truly worthy to fight for."

I sighed in disgust. 'This is what you get for being the only unstoppable Female Pirate in the history of China. ' I think to myself as I braid my phantasmal hair, twining the mass into two ropes. The Gundam pilot, Wufei is sitting near the fire lost in his thoughts.

'Kid you have no idea how bad this will get. I've seen it hundreds of times before. But I'll make sure you pilots live through this mess. One way or another.'

I suppose I should explain a bit. You see long ago, in ancient times long past, I was a peasant girl in a small fishing village in what was once China. I won't bore you with excuses the simple fact is that when the army troops harmed me and mine I had two options.

One: I could just accept it as my lot as a peasant girl and be grateful that I still had my worthless life.

I chose option two: Revenge.

In the following years, I swept over the seas like a harpy, killing soldiers and sailors alike. Generals and noble sons fell to my blade like chaff in the wind. Until finally only two of us remained my self, the hardened she-wolf of the high seas, and the Emperor of all of China.

He pleaded with me to cease my ways, offering a full pardon should I give up my warlike ways. He begged me, and not for my sake or even his, but for my future children. It was that plea that calmed the rage in my heart. I retired, and hid 'Dark Justice' far from prying eyes. The ship held many memories, both good and bad for me.

As I watch Wufei I see myself in him. Young, angry, and utterly alone, he, like his fellow pilots has taken up a war that logic says he cannot win. But what does logic know? It's not easy, the path they have chosen. They never wanted this war. But they intend to see it through.

I steeled myself for what was to come. With a deep breath, I left the body of Sally Po and entered the hulking war machine code named Shenlong. 'One more war to fight old girl, and then maybe I can pass on.'

After all it simply would not do if my last living descendant died at the tender age of fifteen now would it?