Rose Hill Cemetery
A Virtual Tour

Ok! This ought to be pretty fun! ~_^ I really wanted to show you that, as you can see, Rose Hill is something of a maze. There are ins and outs, and all but the main gate is actually blocked off so that you can't enter and exit! I should also note that the roads you see here are only the *main* roads. Hundreds of little side roads, half-paved avenues and open grass lanes exist at Rose Hill, inextricably entwined with the big roads-- and trust me when I say that every way out is uphill!

Points of Interest!

11. Number 11 indicates the Woolfolk Graves. On October 29, 1890, Thomas A. Woolfolk, member of a prominent Bibb County family, was hung for the ax murders of his father, stepmother and seven members of his family. These unmarked graves contain the remains of the nine victims. Woolfolk is buried in Hawkinsville, Georgia. In later years, some doubt was cast on his guilt by a statement of a part-time employee who was being lynched in South Carolina. He indicated that he had committed the crime. (mentioned in "The Vow")

15. The Pyramid tombstone mentioned in "The Pyramid" (~_^) is located approximately here, facing the river.

16. Crypts (Wufei's ledge) -- Crypts of the Washington, Zeigler, Adams-Flanders families. These unique burial rooms are cut into the side of a hill. They're also Wufei's favorite place to watch for Treize ^_^

28. William B. Johnston (1809-1887) (Treize's Place) -- Mr. Johnston was prominent in the early life of Macon. He was a jeweler and also dealt in real estate. He married the daughter of Edward Dorr Tracy, Macon's first Intendant (or Mayor)and built the famous Italian Renaissance mansion on Georgia Avenue now known as the P.L. Hay House.

Lakeside Terrace -- You know, I never knew that little ravine had a name... o.O;;;

(information taken from ROSE HILL CEMETERY: history and memory captured in stone)

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