Kasumi Tendo...

by Jason Langlois

Kasumi Tendo took an Axe
Gave her Daddy 40 whacks
And when she'd seen what she had done
She gave the Panda forty one.

Panda Stew was on the stove
When the doctor came to show his love
She pushed him from the window sill
And added Tofu to her meal

Akane Tendo with a knife
Was the next to lose her life
With a tittered "Tee hee hee,"
Kasumi chopped up Nabiki

Ranma, the hardest one to kill
Dove in excitedly to his meal
Kasumi hummed a happy tune
Rat Poison delivered Ranma's ruin.

And now she lies in padded room
Tied up morning, night and noon
With a grin that spreads so big
Contemplating recipes for serving Pig.