War Angel Chapter II

By Syx Maxwell

Bored, oh Buddha, am I bored. I have traveled with my young descendant for several months now. I watch as he takes mission after mission, so young to have the weight of the world on those slim shoulders.

I have decided that I despise those five fruitcakes that trained the boys. What kind of men do such things? What kind of world forces boys to become men at such a tender age? Bastards.

His sleep is disrupted by dark dreams and heavy memories. Not for the first time, I wish that I had a physical form. If nothing else I could wrap him in my arms and hold that world at bay, if only for a few hours. I want to protect all of them, but I cannot. At least I am not alone in my vigil over these proud and ruthless warriors. I have learned I am not the only spirit to inhabit the massive war machines known as Gundams.

Ranmaru resides within Wing Zero. The young samurai and I speak whenever the chance arises. Mostly our conversations revolve around our wards and the insanity that controls their lives. Well, that and the pissing contest between Heero and Zechs. Two beautiful warriors with no sense of self preservation.

Ranmaru told me young Heero is recovering well from his injuries. He should be up and about soon. Crazy child is lucky to be alive! Well perhaps not. After all, Ranmaru was not about to let the kid die. Still, he is in need of major therapy.

Joan is keeping an eye on Zechs. The Maid of Orleans is not a happy camper. I think she sees too many parallels between her fall from grace and his break with Treize. At any rate, she s been glaring daggers and trying to keep him busy. She also nudged him towards that nice Noin girl.

Will and Khalid are watching over our two love birds. I like Trowa, he has good infiltration skills. It positively amuses Will to no end. Keep muttering something about Trowa and Sherwood forest. Anyhow. He did say that Nanashi would have gotten along famously with his older brother Robin . I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Khalid is worried about the Winner boy. Guilt from injuring Trowa, along with that destroyed colony weigh heavily on the kid. That Zero System is trouble. Khalid and I have a plan to get rid of the damn thing.

I really need to get him to teach me how he took control of Sandrock and let the boy out before it blew. If the boys keep going at the rate they are, it will be of great use. Or perhaps I can get the Swamp Fox to teach my how to Short Circuit the Red Button . After all that was how he kept Duo alive.

Poor man, for such a Patriot, he has his hands full. He doesn't seem to mind though. He told me once that Duo reminded him of himself back in the days of the Revolutionary War. I find the thought vaguely disturbing. Still the little reaper seems to be doing well right now.

Hello, milady.

Hello, Rasputin. The other spirit nods to me before sitting down on the log. His long tangled hair floats about his shoulders on an ethereal wind. What a drama queen.

Your young charge has a hard path before him.

They all do.

Yes but in this final battle.... He will lose something most dear to him. He will need your guidance more than ever.

What have you seen?


Well. Fuck.

The Russian Seer fades from my sight as I think on his words. If Wufei was facing death, he would have told me straight out. That meant....

Oh no. Oh little one, I am so very sorry. I whisper to his sleeping form as a phantasmal tear drips off my cheek to land on his lips.