The Prince

By whizbang


He was not crying, damn it! Chang Wufei was not sitting in the back of a cab with kohl smeared raccoon-eyes, crying because he'd just had some of the best sex of his life. With Treize. Who thought he was home in bed with a cold.

He was still numb all over from the realization of what had happened. Or was that the lingering haze of ecstasy? Perhaps it had been the sense of danger, on the brink of being caught. Perhaps the costumes, the kink of anonymity... Whatever it had been, it left him thoroughly sated and drained, so deeply pleasured his *hair* tingled.

/We've never- I mean, that was absolutely- Oh, shit.../ Treize had proven his worst fears entirely grounded. Now, he just needed to decide what to say to his lover, decide if he was going to break off the relationship or not. He couldn't live with that raging jealousy again, like it had been with Duo.

/Damn you, Treize! And damn me too. I *knew* it was too good to be true.../

He'd had to fly from the party, making hasty excuses for an even hastier retreat, hoping to beat Treize back home. The tell-tale harem costume he stuffed in a garbage bag and tossed in the trunk of his car. The running make up and heady mixed perfume/sex scent he scrubbed off furiously in a scalding shower. And much later, when Treize's footsteps climbed the front stair, Wufei was drowsing on the sofa, wrapped in a comforting pile of blankets. He wished for the greater comfort of Treize's arms, but knew he'd never have that luxury again.

A key in the door, Treize backing in because his arms were full of groceries. "I'm home! And I've brought something nice for my poor sick dragon!"

How could he? How could he return home playing the concerned lover, acting as if the events of the party had never happened? Wufei stirred, opening eyes that immediately narrowed in suspicion. "Something nice? Where did you get all that? And *how was your party*?"

Treize swept by, planting a kiss on Wufei's forehead as he headed for the kitchen. "Hot and sour soup. After the grocery store I stopped at the Golden Phoenix and picked you up a pint, because I know it makes you feel better when you're sick." The sound of a drawer opening, a cabinet, clinking, and Treize returned with a bowl of the steaming soup, handing it to Wufei. "As for the party, I know I was supposed to, but it just didn't feel right to go without you. I stayed long enough to finish my paperwork and Zechs's, because *he* desperately needed a break." Treize winked. "Can you believe, he wasn't planning to attend the party either, didn't even have a costume. So I made him take mine. I hope he had a good time..."