The Pearl

By whizbang


He was not crying, damn it! Chang Wufei was not sitting in the back of a cab with kohl smeared raccoon-eyes, crying because he'd just had some of the best sex of his life. With Treize. Who thought he was home in bed with a cold.

He was still numb all over from the realization of what had happened. Or was that the lingering haze of ecstasy? Perhaps it had been the sense of danger, on the brink of being caught. Perhaps the costumes, the kink of anonymity... Whatever it had been, it left him thoroughly sated and drained, so deeply pleasured his *hair* tingled.

/We've never- I mean, that was absolutely- Oh, shit.../ Treize had proven his worst fears entirely grounded. Now, he just needed to decide what to say to his lover, decide if he was going to break off the relationship or not. He couldn't live with that raging jealousy again, like it had been with Duo.

/Damn you, Treize! And damn me too. I *knew* it was too good to be true.../

He'd had to fly from the party, making hasty excuses for an even hastier retreat, hoping to beat Treize back home. The tell-tale harem costume he stuffed in a garbage bag and tossed in the trunk of his car. The running make up and heady mixed perfume/sex scent he scrubbed off furiously in a scalding shower. Later, he collapsed on the sofa, cocooning himself tightly in a blanket, afraid he was actually coming down with the cold he'd claimed earlier. Even on top of his other miseries, it would only be justice...

The sound of a car on the driveway woke him, late. It also woke him fully, immediately, as it was definitely not the sound of Treize's car. Treize drove a sensible luxury sedan, the engine refined, nothing like the rumbly growl that cut abruptly. Then footsteps, two pair climbing the steps, and muted conversation.

/Oh gods! He was drinking, and there was an accident... I was sitting here wallowing in self-pity while he was bleeding to death in a gutter somewhere.../ Heart in his throat Wufei yanked the door open, only brave enough to look at the last moment.

There was Treize, door-key poised in his outstretched hand, surprised that the door had been stolen from him. "Wufei..." Behind him, a step down stood a tall blonde man, and behind *him* a sleek red sports-car crouched on the drive. Treize pushed in past his dumbstruck lover, heaving a sigh of relief as he crossed the threshold. To Zechs, "Thanks a million for the ride. I wouldn't have bothered you, except Wufei here is sick, and I didn't want to drag him out of bed for something so stupid as a flat tire. Say, want to come in, have a drink?"

"No problem, and no." Zechs waved, already heading down the steps. "I fear my day wasn't much better than yours, and I hear my nice soft bed beckoning. Till tomorrow, Khushrenada..."

"Tomorrow." He shut the door softly, locking it behind, and turned to Wufei. "How are you feeling? I didn't mean to make you worry... If I'd known you were up I would have called." Clearly weary and looking frazzled, Treize tossed himself down on the sofa, raking a hand through his hair.

"Called?" Perplexed, Wufei hesitantly sat next to him. "Flat tire?"

Another tired sigh, Treize leaning his head back. "Yeah. On the expressway. Only it wasn't just the one. Whatever I hit took out both passenger-side tires, but I didn't realize until *after* I'd spent an hour in the dark changing one of them. I knew Zechs was around because when I left, which was quite late, he was still finishing up paperwork. So I called him for a ride."

Normally his mind wasn't so sluggish, but for some reason none of Treize's words seemed to make sense. Wufei shook his head, trying to clear room for thought. "I don't understand. What do you mean paperwork. Weren't you at the party?"

Treize smiled faintly, eyes slipping closed. "No. The 'something' that came up -- well, it turned out to be an even bigger something than I'd thought. One of our parts suppliers was trying to back out of their contract, and Zechs and I spent the whole night smoothing things over. It was quite close to a major disaster, let me tell you. And I would have been home sooner, only that idiot from engineering Tsubarov was hanging around and wouldn't let us work. I finally had to give him my costume and kick him out the door. At least the party kept him busy, and out of my hair..."

Oh... did I say pearl? I meant... OYSTER! ~_^