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The Phantom Rider

Syx Maxwell


Spring, A.C. 199

Wufei Chang walked to the corner of Bull and Blanding Streets. He was visiting earth for the first time since the coup attempt. He was tired, and heartsick. He had destroyed his one chance at happiness. What was left for him?

He made his way up to the top of his apartment building and sat, looking out over the city. A shadowy figure of a horseman appeared in the sky above the large oak trees. It was an image of a horse and rider was a heroic size. The details of the figure were clearly visible down to the saddle and the reins. As Wufei looked on, the horse reared up and appeared to want to take off on some journey.

The former pilot stood and stared. He knew that uniform, that dashing smile. His lips parted in wonder.


The figure looked down at the youth, a hand lifting in salute. In his mind Wufei heard that silky voice he so lovingly remembered.

'Do not grieve so, my fierce dragon. Life is a journey, but death is a new beginning. We wait for you little one. All that love you will greet you when your work on this mortal plane is done. Take heart in that.'

With that the horse rose into the sky and vanished.

Higher up, beyond the mortal realm the former general was joined by a few figures.

"How is he?" A young woman asked. Her hair was fastened into two pigtails. Her clothing was made of the same armor style as the Gundam Shenlong. Her eyes were worried as they scanned the world below for a beloved figure.

"Do not worry, Meiran. I gave him the message. I think he will be fine."

"I hope so." She paused to glare at him.

"Why did you get to go and see him?"

Two other forms joined them. An older man and a woman dressed in the style of the Church.

"For the same reason that Sister Helen speaks to Duo. You and I, Lady Meiran, are reminders of duty and what was lost. We are loved, make no mistake, but we are symbols of hope. The boy needed to hear the words of Treize."

She nodded and sighed. "How long must we wait? I miss him."

Treize smiled and drew Wufei's fiery former wife into a gentle hug. "He has much to do, and a long life yet to live. Do not worry, the others will look out for him. I slipped into Zechs's dreams the other night and implored him to check up on Wufei. He and Noin will protect him."

"As will young Heero and Duo. They are good friends, and that is what carried them through that horrible war. Now come. We have much left to do." Father Maxwell intoned.

The four beings looked up. From Helen's back a set of pristine white wings unfurled, the same as Father Maxwell's. The two took off to check in with Solo and make sure the boy was not overstepping his bounds as a guardian angel for Heero and Duo.

Merian's spread her iridescent jade wings and look at Treize, "Do you want me to check on your daughter Lord Treize?"

The former OZ general smiled, "Would you please? I know Une is looking after her..."

"But it's nice to peek in. Yes I know." She gave the ginger haired man a gentle smiled and caught the celestial winds, leaving the older man to look after her living husband.

Treize smiled down on the now seated form of Wufei Chang. Tossing his head back with a weary yawn, he loosed wings that shimmered pearl gray. It was time to go. His dragon would be here when his mortal path was at an end. And when that time came, he would be surrounded by the love of his wife and lover for all eternity.


Or on to the sad ending, if one chooses!