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Spirit Canyon

By Syx Maxwell


Wufei Chang took the saddle from his horse. The big tri-colored paint sighed his pleasure and rubbed his muzzle on the boy's shoulder. Wufei sighed and stroked the stud's forelock.

He'd lived in America for only three years. The wagon train had left him behind when they ran into Indian trouble. An old trapper had found him with an arrow embedded in his back. Also, a brave's knife gifted him with an arcing scar over his brow.

The scar led to his hairline were a streak of white began. It wasn't a disfiguring mark. If anything it called attention to his dark eyes. The stark white locks contrasted sharply with his black silk hair.

The trapper had taken care of him, teaching him English. It was several months before he learned that his benefactor was actually a woman. She was the widow of a doctor.

Rather than move into town to earn her living on her back, she'd chosen to stay in the cabin. Her skills as a hunter were nearly perfect. When the town learned 'Old Man Po' had adopted a boy, nothing was said.

Sally taught him how to hunt and track. How to fight or fade from sight. She gave him back his self-respect. They lived high in the mountains. Sally had only a few rules. All work was shared, as was the profits. Leave the tribe alone. She traded medicines and hides with them. That was why she was respected. And stay away from the spirit canyon.

Wufei snorted. Spirit canyon indeed. But the Ute felt it was a sacred place and Wufei respected that.

He hung up his coat on a nail and looked towards the fire. His eyes widened. The sheriff? Why was Sheriff Peacecraft here? He eased closer to hear what was going on.

"You have to understand Po. I don't believe the charges either. But the girl swears your boy attacked her. I have to take him in."

"Bullshit, Zechs. You and I both know she got caught with her skirt up and needs to keep her 'reputation' clean. I'll be damned before I let that town lynch Wufei because of some little rich bitch."

"There's nothing to be done Po. If I don't bring him to the jail, the town may come up here after him. They'd burn you out and hang him."

"Like they won't hang him in town? I was born in the night, but it wasn't last night. He won't have a hope in hell of a fair trial."

"Where is he?"

"Dropping off a load of hides in Sweetwater. He might be back today if he made good time. You send a Deputy to question the Pony Express outpost. They'll vouch for Wufei. No one is taking the boy from my home."

"Okay Po, we'll do it your way, but for God's sake, keep him up here for now. Thing might calm down."

"They'll calm down all right. You send that girl to talk to me right now."


"Because this will not happen again."

Zechs stood and nodded to the trapper. Wufei shrank back into the shadows as the older man left. He was scared. This was the only home he had!


"Yes, Sally?"

"Get your pack and head to the Spirit Canyon. Stay there till I come for you. I'll take care of this once and for all."

"Yes, Sally."

He packed quickly, taking only jerky, blankets and a few weapons. As he saddled his weary mount his mind reviewed the legend of the canyon. They said that the ghost of a strange warrior walked the rocky area, searching for something precious that he'd lost.

The Ute said that those who greeted the warrior were either killed or blessed. The boy shivered, remembering the old tales his grandfather told him long before he left China.

He made his way to the canyon, not knowing that hate filled eyes tracked him.

Higher on the mountain, an old power stirred. It was almost time to awaken.

Sally watched the boy ride out. She knew a few dirty secrets, and if the Banker wanted to air the wash... well, she had tales to tell.

The first bullet hit Wufei's shoulder, nearly throwing him from his mount. He bit back a cry of pain and spurred the big stallion. They were a few yards from the entrance of the hidden cul-de-sac.

He could feel his blood pump from his body as more slugs tore through him. He wound his fingers through Thunder's mane. His sight dimmed for a moment... and then a halo of gold appeared before him.

Gentle hands eased him from his horse. Ginger colored hair fell in cornflower blue eyes.

"An angel?"

There was soft chuckle, almost a caress to the dying boy. He could hear his attackers and tried to warn the warrior. Then he saw them.

Four other young men bathed in the same golden fire. Wufei's eyes widened. He felt... felt something.

A smiling boy with violet eyes and a long chestnut braid was nearest to the warrior holding him. He wore a golden cross and black clothes. A slightly manic smile graced his lips. He held a scythe in his left hand.

To that boy's right was a cobalt-eyed warrior. His tunic was green and his pants black. He held a katana and six shooter. His hair was tousled and dark. His face held the knowledge of an old soul.

A smiling boy with short gold hair was next. He had kind eyes and was dressed in white robes and a burnoose. He held an odd curved sword. There was an underlying sadness in his eyes.

Next to him stood a taller youth. His brown hair fell over one emerald eye. He was dressed in a colorful serape. He wore white cotton shirt and tan trousers. Bandoleers filled with bullets crossed his chest. A long rifle rested across his shoulder. His eyes also held an old pain.

Wufei knew he was dying. His lips parted as he tried to speak.


The warrior paused. Wufei could feel that light touch on his mind.

'What is it, little one?'

"Sally... she needs protection. They might... hurt her."

The lynch mob stood silently. What the hell was going on? The ghosts just appeared... One brave and drunken fool called out.

"Give us the chink bastard! He raped a girl!"

"No... in Sweetwater... delivered hides... didn't do it."

'I know you didn't do it, little one. You never could. All will be well.'

The townsmen stared as the bullets fell out of the boy. The tallest ghost blazed in a bright gold/red flame. The boy's buckskins changed. An ornate tunic of green and gold covered him. His long hair broke free of its leather thong.

White silk pants covered his legs. A long staff appeared in his hands. Strength flowed through him. It was then that he knew. He felt his mortal body fall slack to the ground. He was reborn.

'Welcome home, my dragon.'

The sound of guns being cocked drew their attention. The black clad boy narrowed his eyes and took a ready stance. The other followed suit poised to fight. Wufei held up one hand and stepped forward.

The mob heard his softly uttered, "Truth."

A young man in the mob froze, bathed in a gold/green light.

"You are the one that was sleeping with the banker's daughter. It was you who decided that I would be the one to blame for your actions. Why?"

The power compelled him to speak, "Yeah, it was my idea. You're just immigrant trash. Just a damn Chinaman. No one cares what happens to your kind."

"You're wrong."

The mob looked up to see Trapper Po. She swept off her hat and wiped her face clean. She was just as beautiful at twenty-six as she had been at sixteen. In her hand she held a new repeater rifle.

"I care, and so do the braves that consider this place sacred." She lifted her hand and the warriors lifted their bows.

"You have no right to be here. You're nothing more than a bunch of petty murderers. I hope you all burn in hell."

Her hand began its descent to start the bloodshed. Wufei's voice rang out.

"No, Sally! Do not. I am already beyond this world of pain. I am back where I need to be." His eyes were soft, gentle. He saw the rest of the posse approaching from behind.

"Do not mourn, Sally. Do not shun life. You have a bright future, my mentor. Be happy."

The glow from the canyon became blinding as the five others changed to glowing energy. Wufei's gaze fell on his accuser. His lips formed arcane words. The man fell to the ground writhing in pain.

"You shall carry this shame until the day you die. May the gods have mercy on your soul."

Three months later:

Sheriff Peacecraft stood at the canyon entrance with his new wife. In her hands lay a bundle of white and red roses. A soft sigh passed her lips, and then she began to speak.

"Your name was cleared Wufei. I made the girl tell the truth. There is no dishonor connected to your name."

Zechs drew her closer and listened to the halting monologue.

"I got married. Zechs and I are expecting our first child, my friend. If...if it is a boy we will name him after you. You will not be forgotten."

The soft song of bamboo flutes mixed with a mellow tenor accented in Russian. The song grew, joined by other voices. A silky alto paired with a more nasal voice. Another tenor, tinged with an Arabic tone joined a softer Spanish baritone.

It was a celebration of life and love.

"Thank you, my friend." Sally whispered as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Zechs looked towards the sky; "I'll take good care of her."

High in the clouds, six elegant figures looked down on the couple. Each spoke their own benediction for the newlyweds.

And so the Story of Devil's Peak and its Spirit Canyon passed into Legend.